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Buellia subericola, a new species with triseptate ascospores from the Iberian Peninsula

  • Mireia GIRALT (a1) and Pieter P. G. VAN DEN BOOM (a2)


Buellia subericola, a new corticolous species characterized by a brown, blastidiate thallus without secondary chemistry and triseptate to occasionally submuriform ascospores, is described from the southern Iberian Peninsula. The species occurs on Quercus suber in grass-woodlands of cork-oak in the mesomediterranean belt with a warm mediterranean climate and oceanic influence. It is compared with other known Buellia s. lat. taxa which also reproduce asexually and have similar ascospores.



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Buellia subericola, a new species with triseptate ascospores from the Iberian Peninsula

  • Mireia GIRALT (a1) and Pieter P. G. VAN DEN BOOM (a2)


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