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The UNESCO Libyan Valleys Survey VI: Investigations of a Romano-Libyan farm, Part I

  • G. W. W. Barker (a1), G. D. B. Jones (a2), P. Bennett (a3), J. R. Burns (a4), J. N. Dore (a4), A. M. Fleming (a5), D. J. Mattingly (a2), P. Moffat (a4), M. A. Ateyet Allah (a6), J. S. Garsaa (a6) and M. A. Zenati (a6)...


A fourth season of work was carried out in the Spring of 1984. The centrepiece of the programme was the investigation of the well-preserved farm in the Wadi el-Amud (Lamout). The main farm buildings were excavated, faunal and botanical samples were collected systematically from within and between them, the field systems and sluices were examined in detail and investigations begun on the geomorphological and hydrological context. This report presents the basic description of the archaeological data resulting from excavation and survey; a second report will present the results of the various laboratory studies which were generated by the field work.



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