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Euesperides (Benghazi): Preliminary report on the Spring 2001 season

  • Andrew Wilson (a1), Paul Bennett (a2), Ahmed Buzaian (a3), Vanessa Fell (a1), Kristian Göransson (a4), Chris Green (a5), Cassian Hall, Richard Helm (a2), Alette Kattenberg (a6), Keith Swift (a7) and Eleni Zimi (a8)...


This article reports on the third season of the current project at Euesperides (Benghazi). A programme of geological augering has begun to investigate the presumed location of the ancient harbour and the process by which the harbour and neighbouring lagoon silted up during antiquity. Continued excavation in Area P has revealed two phases of buildings, with a plain pebble floor of the fourth century BC and mixed pebble and irregular tesserae floors of the late fourth/early third century BC. In Area Q work has identified buildings either side of a street, and two phases of city defences; outside the defences excavation has confirmed the continuation of a linear quarry ditch. In Area R the occupation sequence has been elucidated and it seems that the two main phases of purple dye manufacturing activity, using Murex trunculus shellfish, follow the abandonment of a courtyard house. Comprehensive study and quantification of coarsewares and transport amphorae has begun alongside continued study of the finewares, and confirms a wide range of trading contacts. The excavations have also produced evidence for the minting of silver coinage at Euesperides.



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Euesperides (Benghazi): Preliminary report on the Spring 2001 season

  • Andrew Wilson (a1), Paul Bennett (a2), Ahmed Buzaian (a3), Vanessa Fell (a1), Kristian Göransson (a4), Chris Green (a5), Cassian Hall, Richard Helm (a2), Alette Kattenberg (a6), Keith Swift (a7) and Eleni Zimi (a8)...


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