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X-ray emission from an X-pinch and its applications

  • R. Liu (a1), X. Zou (a1), X. Wang (a1), N. Zeng (a1) and L. He (a1)...


The temporal and spatial X-ray emission from PPG-X, an X-pinch driven by pulsed power generator, was studied by using diamond photo-conducting detectors and pinhole cameras. It was found that the X-ray pulse usually consists of two sub-nanosecond peaks with a time interval of about 0.5 ns, these two X-ray peaks are consistent with two point sources of X-ray recorded with pinhole camera. The total X-ray energy changes from shot to shot and is averaged to be 0.35 J for hν > 1.5 keV. The size of the X-ray point source is in the range from 100 µm to 5 µm, decreasing rapidly with the increase of the photon energy. The X-pinch was used as X-ray source for backlighting the electrical explosion of single wire and for phase-contrast imaging of a mosquito.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint request to: Xinxin Wang, Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China. E-mail:


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X-ray emission from an X-pinch and its applications

  • R. Liu (a1), X. Zou (a1), X. Wang (a1), N. Zeng (a1) and L. He (a1)...


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