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Volume compression and volume ignition of laser driven fusion pellets

  • G. Kasotakis (a1), L. Cicchitelli (a1), H. Hora (a1) and R. J. Stening (a1)


Volume compression and volume ignition of laser compressed pellets has an enormous advantage against spark ignition since the alpha self-heat substantially contributes as an additional stimulation of nuclear fusion reactions. We present here improved computations of volume ignition in agreement with the classical fact that the generated fusion energy is larger than the bremsstrahlung energy in DT only at temperatures above 4·5 keV. This result is in very close agreement with Kidder's (1974) values, and in agreement with recent computations of Mima et al. (1987). The extension of these calculations to higher densities and input energies results in the self-absorption of bremsstrahlung at an initial temperature of about 1 keV only, much below the classical 4·5 keV. A fuel burnup fraction above 80% is shown to be possible.



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Volume compression and volume ignition of laser driven fusion pellets

  • G. Kasotakis (a1), L. Cicchitelli (a1), H. Hora (a1) and R. J. Stening (a1)


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