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Transport of intense beams with current-dependent initial conditions in linearly tapered solenoid channels

  • J. R. Harris (a1)


In electron beams where space charge plays an important role in the beam transport, the beams’ transverse and longitudinal properties will become coupled. One example of this is the transverse–longitudinal correlation produced in a current-modulated beam generated in a DC electron gun, formed through the competition between the time-dependent radial space charge force and the time-independent radial focusing force. This correlation will cause both the slice radius and divergence of the beam extracted from the gun to depend on the slice current. Here we consider the transport of such a beam in a linearly tapered solenoid focusing channel. Transport performance was generally improved with longer taper lengths, minimal initial correlation between slice divergence and slice current, and moderate degrees of initial correlation between initial slice radius and slice current. Performance was also generally improved with lower slice emittances, although surprisingly transport was improved by slightly increasing the assumed slice emittance in certain limited circumstances.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: J. R. Harris, Kirtland Air Force Base, 3550 Aberdeen Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87117, USA.


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Transport of intense beams with current-dependent initial conditions in linearly tapered solenoid channels

  • J. R. Harris (a1)


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