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A Tesla-type long-pulse generator with wide flat-top width based on a double-width pulse-forming line

  • Sheng Liu (a1), Jian-Cang Su (a1), Xibo Zhang (a1), Ya-Feng Pan (a1), Hong-Yan Fan (a1) and Xu-Liang Fan (a1)...


To produce pulses with good flat-top quality, pulse-forming lines (PFLs) have been widely used in the field of Tesla-type pulse generators. To shorten the physical length of the PFL, a double-width PFL (DWPFL) is proposed that doubles the output pulse width while maintaining flat-top quality. A repetitively 10 GW Tesla-type long-pulse generator producing pulses with flat-top width of about 110 ns was developed with a coaxial DWPFL to produce high-current electron beams. Electron beams of about 10 GW with flat-top widths of about 110 ns were obtained on a planar vacuum diode load. With this pulse generator and a C-band high-power microwave system, microwaves of ~2.2 GW power and full-width at half-maximum of 101 ns were generated. The experiment demonstrates the feasibility and ideal output waveform quality of the DWPFL.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Sheng Liu, Science and Technology on HPM Lab, Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, P. O. Box 69-13, Xi’an, 710024, China. E-mail:


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A Tesla-type long-pulse generator with wide flat-top width based on a double-width pulse-forming line

  • Sheng Liu (a1), Jian-Cang Su (a1), Xibo Zhang (a1), Ya-Feng Pan (a1), Hong-Yan Fan (a1) and Xu-Liang Fan (a1)...


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