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Strong terahertz field generation by relativistic self-focusing of hollow Gaussian laser beam in magnetoplasma

  • Saba Hussain (a1), Ram Kishor Singh (a1) and R. P. Sharma (a1)


The present paper proposes a model for the generation of Terahertz (THz) radiation by self-focused hollow Gaussian beam (HGB) in collisionless magnetized rippled density plasma. At high intensities, the change in the electron mass occurs due to relativistic effect, introducing a nonlinearity in the plasma leading to the self-focusing of the HGB. The nonlinear interaction of this highly intense self-focused HGB with the electron plasma wave in the rippled density plasma, satisfying proper phase matching conditions, results in the resonant excitation of THz radiations at the beat frequency. We have studied the dependence of generated THz radiations on the order of the HGB as well as on the static background magnetic field. The results show that the intensity of the generated radiations is highly sensitive to both of these parameters. For the current scheme the power of the generated THz waves comes out to be of the order of Gigawatts.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: R. K. Singh, Centre for Energy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi 110016, India. E-mail:


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Strong terahertz field generation by relativistic self-focusing of hollow Gaussian laser beam in magnetoplasma

  • Saba Hussain (a1), Ram Kishor Singh (a1) and R. P. Sharma (a1)


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