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Stimulated scattering from laser produced plasma

  • A. A. Offenberger (a1), J. Santiago (a1), M. Fujita (a1), R. Fedosejevs (a1) and W. Rozmus (a2)...


Stimulated Brillouin and Raman scattering are of considerable interest because of their importance to basic nonlinear plasma physics phenomena and to laser-driven inertial confinement fusion. Induced scattering can be substantial for high intensity (I), long wavelength (λ) lasers because the instability growth rates depend exponentially on Jλ2, and also for short wavelength, long scalelength (L) laser/plasma interaction because of nearly homogeneous or large convective gain conditions. Experimental results from both KrF and CO2 laser/plasma interaction studies are presented to illustrate important wavelength dependent features of induced scattering such as the nature of the instability (absolute, convective), threshold, spectra, reflectivity and saturation effects. Backscattering characteristics have been measured for solid target plasmas (aluminum, gold) produced by KrF laser pulses focused to intensities <1014 W/cm2 and gas targets (hydrogen, oxygen) by CO2 laser pulses at intensities <1013 W/cm2. Collisional absorption dominates the KrF laser experiments, whereas particle heating and increased Landau damping dominate the CO2 laser experiments. Current theoretical work concerned with nonlinear effects in Langmuir wave localization, wave collapse and particle heating (generating characteristic high temperature electrons) is also presented.



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Stimulated scattering from laser produced plasma

  • A. A. Offenberger (a1), J. Santiago (a1), M. Fujita (a1), R. Fedosejevs (a1) and W. Rozmus (a2)...


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