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Status of laser fusion research at VNIIEF (Arzamas-16)

  • G.A. KIRILLOV (a1), G.G. KOCHEMASOV (a1), A.V. BESSARAB (a1), S.G. GARANIN (a1), L.S. MKHITARIAN (a1), V.M. MURUGOV (a1), S.A. SUKHAREV (a1) and N.V. ZHIDKOV (a1)...


Review of some research into laser thermonuclear fusion carried out in Russian Federal Nuclear Center (RFNC-VNIIEF) within the last several years is presented. The review begins with a brief survey into ICF development in RFNC-VNIIEF starting from A.D. Sakharov and S.B. Kormer's pioneer proposals of the 1960s. The review concludes with the exposition of historical background of the 10 TW ISKRA-4 and 100 TW ISKRA-5 laser facilities creation and with the prospects of the 300 kJ ISKRA-6 (λ= 0.35 μm) laser development. The results of survey carried out at the ISKRA-5 facility are presented in the review. The high degree of symmetry (nonuniformity < 3%) of irradiation of a DT-shell by the X-ray emission made it possible to successfully conduct experiments with the asymmetrical shells. The asymmetry was effected through the asymmetrical Mg layers deposition on a spherically uniform glass shell surface. The asymmetry impact on neutron yield and the moment of neutron generation was investigated. The line X-ray emission characteristics of the H-like and He-like Ar, Fe, and Al ions were studied in another set of experiments. Ar was doped into DT-gas, while Fe and Al were deposited on the CH spherical hohlraums' inner surface. Development of the Cherenkov radiation generator in which the electron motion is actuated by the faster-than-light X-ray pulse motion on the surface of a plane sample, being under voltage, is reported. And in fine a brief description of experiments carried out at the ISKRA-4 facility under the program of turbulent mixing in plane multi layer targets is presented.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Gennady Kochemasov, Russian Federal Nuclear Center, All Russian Research Inst of Experimental Physics, 607190, pr. Mira 37, Sarov, Nizhni Novgorod Region, Russia. E-mail:


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