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Spatiotemporal evolution of a thin plasma foil with Kappa distribution

  • H. Mehdian (a1), A. Kargarian (a1) and K. Hajisharifi (a1)


The one-dimensional behavior of a thin plasma foil heated by laser is studied, emphasizing on the fully kinetic effects associated with initial energetic electrons using a relativistic kinetic 1D3V Particle-In-Cell code. For this purpose, the generalized Lorentzian (Kappa) function inclusive the high energy tail is employed for initial electron distribution. The presence of the initially high-energy electrons leads to a different ion energy spectrum than the initially Maxwellian distribution. It is shown for the smaller Kappa parameter k where the high energy tail of the electron distribution function becomes more significant, the electron cooling rate increases. Moreover, the spatiotemporal evolution of electric field is strongly affected by the initial super-thermal electrons.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: H. Mehdian, Department of Physics and Institute for Plasma Research, Kharazmi University, 49 Dr. Mofatteh Avenue, Tehran, Iran. E-mail:


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