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Spatial and temporal characteristics of X-ray emission from hot plasma driven by a relativistic femtosecond laser pulse

  • W. Hong (a1), Y. He (a1), T. Wen (a1), H. Du (a1), J. Teng (a1), X. Qing (a1) (a2), Z. Huang (a3), W. Huang (a1), H. Liu (a1), X. Wang (a1), X. Huang (a1), Q. Zhu (a1), Y. Ding (a1) and H. Peng (a1)...


We present the temporal and spatial characterization of X-ray sources (at ~1 keV) driven by a 200 TW, 30 fs, 800 nm laser pulse on SILEX-I laser facility at Research Center of Laser Fusion. For laser copper foil interaction with laser intensity between 6 × 1018 W/cm2 and 3 × 1019 W/cm2, the X-ray images show cone-like jet structures. While the yield of X-rays is strongly dependent on the laser intensity, the plasma expansion length is weakly dependent on the laser intensity, and the open angle of the cone-like jet is not correlated to the laser intensity. The formation of the jet structure is attributed to the plasma transverse confine by the self-induced quasi-static magnetic field. An X-ray pedestal 4 ns preceding the main pulse was observed. The correlation between X-ray pedestal and collimated proton beam generation was found.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Wei Hong, National Key Laboratory of Laser Fusion, Research Center of Laser Fusion, China Academy of Engineering Physics, P.O. Box, 919-986, Mianyang, Sichuan Province, China, 621900. E-mail:


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Spatial and temporal characteristics of X-ray emission from hot plasma driven by a relativistic femtosecond laser pulse

  • W. Hong (a1), Y. He (a1), T. Wen (a1), H. Du (a1), J. Teng (a1), X. Qing (a1) (a2), Z. Huang (a3), W. Huang (a1), H. Liu (a1), X. Wang (a1), X. Huang (a1), Q. Zhu (a1), Y. Ding (a1) and H. Peng (a1)...


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