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Simple magnetic spectrometer for ions emitted from laser-generated plasma at 1010 W/cm2 intensity

  • L. Torrisi (a1) and G. Costa (a1)


Plasmas were generated by 3 ns pulsed lasers at 1064 nm wavelength using intensities of about 1010 W/cm2 irradiating solid targets with a different composition. The ion emission was investigated with time-of-flight measurements giving information of the ion velocity, charge state generation, and ion energy distribution. Measurements use a coil to generate a magnetic field suitable to deflect ions toward a Faraday cup and/or a secondary electron multiplier.

Ion acceleration of the order of hundred eV per charge state, plasma temperature of the order of tens eV, charge states up to about 4+, and Boltzmann energy distributions were obtained in carbon, aluminum, and copper targets.

The presented results represent useful plasma characterization methods for many applications such as the new generation of laser ion sources, pulsed laser deposition techniques, and post ion acceleration systems.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: L. Torrisi, Dipartimento di Scienze Fisiche – MIFT, Università di Messina, V.le F.S. D’Alcontres 31, 98166 S. Agata, Messina, Italy. E-mail:


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