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Repetitive outbursts of fast carbon and fluorine ions from sub-nanosecond laser-produced plasma

  • J. Krása (a1), A. Velyhan (a1), K. Jungwirth (a1), E. Krouský (a1), L. Láska (a1), K. Rohlena (a1), M. Pfeifer (a1) and J. Ullschmied (a2)...


Repeated plasma outbursts were recognized at our analyzing currents of the fast carbon and fluorine ions produced with the sub-nanosecond PALS laser beam (λ0 = 1.315 µm, τL = ≈350 ps, Imax ≈ 6 × 1015 W/cm2) focused onto polytetrafluoroethylene and polyethylene targets. This study deals with a repetitive occurrence of doublets of C6+-C5+ and F9+-F8+ ion peaks in the time-of-flight (TOF) spectra, whose TOF can be related to the same accelerating voltage: . The repeated occurrence of ion outbursts containing fully ionized ions can be characterized by a set of discrete voltages Ui, where the subscript i ∈ (1, N) labels the outbursts of ions from the fastest one (i = 1) up to the slowest and in the TOF spectrum yet distinguishable outburst (i = N). These discrete values could indicate plasma pulsations followed by repetitive outbursts of ions. The ions expand with a velocity up to ≈9 × 108 cm/s. The corresponding values of the accelerating voltage of ≈800 kv, and the temperature of ≈1.1 keV were determined by revealing partial ion currents based on the shifted Maxwell-Boltzmann velocity distribution. Characteristics of fast ion outbursts depend on the focus position with respect to the target surface.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: J. Krása, Institute of Physics A.S.C.R., v.v.i., Na Slovance 2, 182 21 Prague 8, Czech Republic. E-mail:


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