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Production of ion beams in high-power laser–plasma interactions and their applications

  • F. PEGORARO (a1), S. ATZENI (a2), M. BORGHESI (a3), S. BULANOV (a4) (a5), T. ESIRKEPOV (a5), J. HONRUBIA (a6), Y. KATO (a5), V. KHOROSHKOV (a7), K. NISHIHARA (a8), T. TAJIMA (a5), M. TEMPORAL (a6) and O. WILLI (a9)...


Energetic ion beams are produced during the interaction of ultrahigh-intensity, short laser pulses with plasmas. These laser-produced ion beams have important applications ranging from the fast ignition of thermonuclear targets to proton imaging, deep proton lithography, medical physics, and injectors for conventional accelerators. Although the basic physical mechanisms of ion beam generation in the plasma produced by the laser pulse interaction with the target are common to all these applications, each application requires a specific optimization of the ion beam properties, that is, an appropriate choice of the target design and of the laser pulse intensity, shape, and duration.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: F. Pegoraro, Physics Department, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy. E-mail:


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Production of ion beams in high-power laser–plasma interactions and their applications

  • F. PEGORARO (a1), S. ATZENI (a2), M. BORGHESI (a3), S. BULANOV (a4) (a5), T. ESIRKEPOV (a5), J. HONRUBIA (a6), Y. KATO (a5), V. KHOROSHKOV (a7), K. NISHIHARA (a8), T. TAJIMA (a5), M. TEMPORAL (a6) and O. WILLI (a9)...


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