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Particle-in-cell simulations of current loss in magnetically insulated transmission line with inductive helical support

  • Wei Luo (a1), Yongdong Li (a1), Hongguang Wang (a1), Fan Guo (a2), Wenkang Zou (a2), Pengfei Zhang (a3), Lei Zhang (a1), Yu Gu (a1) and Jianwei Zhang (a1)...


High inductive helical support provides a solution to controlling the alignment error of inner electrodes in magnetically insulated transmission lines (MITLs). Three-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations were performed to examine the current loss mechanism and the effects of structural parameters on electron flow in an MITL with a helical inductor. An empirical expression related to the ratio of electron current loss to anode current and the ratio of anode current to self-limited current was obtained. Electron current loss caused by helical inductor with different structures was displayed. The results indicate that the current loss in an MITL, near an inductive helical support, comprises both the inductor current and the electron current loss. The non-uniform structure and current of a helical inductor cause an abrupt change in the magnetic field near the helical support, which leads to anomalous behavior and current loss of electron flow. In addition, current loss in the inductive helical-supported MITL is negligible when the inductance of the support is sufficiently high. This work facilitates the estimation of electron current loss caused by the inductive helical support in MITLs.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Yongdong Li, Key Laboratory for Physical Electronics and Devices of the Ministry of Education, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an 710049, China. E-mail:


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