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Nuclear diagnosis of the fuel areal density for direct-drive deuterium fuel implosion at the Shenguang-II Upgrade laser facility

  • Bo Cui (a1), Zhiheng Fang (a2), Zenghai Dai (a1), Hongjie Liu (a1), Wei Wang (a2), Jiabin Chen (a1), Bi Bi (a1), Chao Tian (a1), Dongxiao Liu (a1), Weiwu Wang (a1), Lianqiang Shan (a1), Feng Lu (a1), Gang Li (a1), Faqiang Zhang (a1), Bo Zhang (a1), Zhimeng Zhang (a1), Zhigang Deng (a1), Shukai He (a1), Jian Teng (a1), Wei Hong (a1), Yuqiu Gu (a1) and Baohan Zhang (a1)...


In inertial confinement fusion experiments that involve short-laser pulses such as fast ignition (FI), diagnosis of neutrons is usually very challenging because high-intensity γ rays generated by short-laser pulses would mask the much weaker neutron signal. In this paper, fast-response scintillators with low afterglow and gated microchannel plate photomultiplier tubes are combined to build neutron time-of-flight (nTOF) spectrometers for such experiments. Direct-drive implosion experiments of deuterium-gas-filled capsules were performed at the Shenguang-II Upgrade (SG-II-UP) laser facility to study the compressed fuel areal density (〈ρR〉) and evaluate the performance of such nTOF diagnostics. Two newly developed quenched liquid scintillator detectors and a gated ultrafast plastic scintillator detector were used to measure the secondary DT neutrons and primary DD neutrons, respectively. The secondary neutron signals were clearly discriminated from the γ rays from (n, γ) reactions, and the compressed fuel areal density obtained with the yield-ratio method agrees well with the simulations. Additionally, a small scintillator decay tail and a clear DD neutron signal were observed in an integrated FI experiment as a result of the low afterglow of the oxygen-quenched liquid scintillator.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Y.Q. Gu and H.J. Liu, Research Center of Laser Fusion, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Mianyang, China, E-mail:;


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Nuclear diagnosis of the fuel areal density for direct-drive deuterium fuel implosion at the Shenguang-II Upgrade laser facility

  • Bo Cui (a1), Zhiheng Fang (a2), Zenghai Dai (a1), Hongjie Liu (a1), Wei Wang (a2), Jiabin Chen (a1), Bi Bi (a1), Chao Tian (a1), Dongxiao Liu (a1), Weiwu Wang (a1), Lianqiang Shan (a1), Feng Lu (a1), Gang Li (a1), Faqiang Zhang (a1), Bo Zhang (a1), Zhimeng Zhang (a1), Zhigang Deng (a1), Shukai He (a1), Jian Teng (a1), Wei Hong (a1), Yuqiu Gu (a1) and Baohan Zhang (a1)...


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