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Nano-wrinkles, compactons, and wrinklons associated with laser-induced Rayleigh–Taylor instability: I. Bubble environment

  • Stjepan Lugomer (a1)


We study dynamics, structure and organization of the new paradigm of wavewrinkle structures associated with multipulse laser-induced RayleighTaylor (RT) instability in the plane of a target surface in the circumferential zone (C-zone) of the spot. Irregular target surface, variation of the fluid layer thickness and of the fluid velocity affect the nonlinearity and dispersion. The fluid layer inhomogeneity establishes local domains arranged (organized) in the «domain network». The traveling wavewrinkles become solitary waves and latter on become transformed into stationary soliton wavewrinkle patterns. Their morphology varies in the radial direction ofaussian-like spot ranging from the compacton-like solitons to the aperiodic rectangular waves (with rounded top surface) and to the periodic ones. These wavewrinkles may be successfully juxtapositioned with the exact solution of the nonlinear differential equations formulated in the KadomtsevPetviashvili sense taking into account the fluid conditions in particular domain. The cooling wave that starts at the periphery by the end of the pulse causes sudden increase of density and surface tension: the wavewrinkle structures become unstable what causes their break-up. The onset of solidification causes formation of an elastic sheet which starts to shrink generating lateral tension on the wavewrinkles. The focusing of energy at the constrained boundary causes the formation of wrinklons as the new elementary excitation of the elastic sheets.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: S. Lugomer, Center of Excellence for Advanced Materials and Sensing Devices, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Bijenicka c. 54, 10000Zagreb, Croatia. E-mail:


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Nano-wrinkles, compactons, and wrinklons associated with laser-induced Rayleigh–Taylor instability: I. Bubble environment

  • Stjepan Lugomer (a1)


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