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Micro-radiography with laser plasma X-ray source operating in air atmosphere

  • S.A. Pikuz (a1) (a2), O.V. Chefonov (a1), S.V. Gasilov (a1), P.S. Komarov (a1), A.V. Ovchinnikov (a1), I.Yu. Skobelev (a1), S.Yu. Ashitkov (a1), M.V. Agranat (a1), A. Zigler (a3) and A.Ya. Faenov (a1) (a4)...


K-shell emission from copper target was observed by focusing femtosecond laser pulses very close to the target surface-air interface. It was shown that mechanism of X-ray emission is connected with generation of fast electrons in the air plasma area. Experiments demonstrated that moderate intensity of laser radiation (IL < 1015 W/cm2) was enough to produce considerable flux of X-ray photons of at least 10 keV energy. The parameters of generated X-ray emission were studied. It was found that after propagation through 40 cm thick air layer X-ray spectra consisted of pronounced Kα and Kβ characteristic lines and relatively small Bremsstrahlung continuum. Since transversal source size has an order of a few tens of micrometers, such a source can be used for absorption imaging of micro-objects in standard laboratory conditions. That can be particularly important for diagnostic of medical and biological samples in vivo.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Anatoly Ya. Faenov, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of Russian Academy of Sciences, Izhorskaya str. 13-2, 125412 Moscow, Russia. E-mail:


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Micro-radiography with laser plasma X-ray source operating in air atmosphere

  • S.A. Pikuz (a1) (a2), O.V. Chefonov (a1), S.V. Gasilov (a1), P.S. Komarov (a1), A.V. Ovchinnikov (a1), I.Yu. Skobelev (a1), S.Yu. Ashitkov (a1), M.V. Agranat (a1), A. Zigler (a3) and A.Ya. Faenov (a1) (a4)...


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