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A Method to design composite insulation structures based on reliability for pulsed power systems

  • Liang Zhao (a1), Jian-Cang Su (a1), Xi-Bo Zhang (a1), Ya-Feng Pan (a1), Rui Li (a1), Bo Zeng (a1), Jie Cheng (a1), Bin-Xiong Yu (a1) and Xiao-Long Wu (a1)...


A method to design the composite insulation structures in pulsed power systems is proposed in this paper. The theoretical bases for this method include the Weibull statistical distribution and the empirical insulation formula. A uniform formula to describe the reliability (R) for different insulation media such as solid, liquid, gas, vacuum, and vacuum surface is derived. The dependence curves of the normalized applied field on R are also obtained. These curves show that the normalized applied field decreases rapidly as R increases but the declining rates corresponding to different insulation media are different. In addition, if R is required to be higher than a given level, the normalized applied field should be smaller than a certain value. In practical design, the common range of the applied fields for different insulation media should be chosen to meet a global reliability requirement. In the end, the proposed method is demonstrated with a specific coaxial high-voltage vacuum insulator.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Liang Zhao, Science and Technology on High Power Microwave Laboratory, Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, No. 28, Pingyu Lu, Baqiao Qu, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710024, China. E-mail:


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A Method to design composite insulation structures based on reliability for pulsed power systems

  • Liang Zhao (a1), Jian-Cang Su (a1), Xi-Bo Zhang (a1), Ya-Feng Pan (a1), Rui Li (a1), Bo Zeng (a1), Jie Cheng (a1), Bin-Xiong Yu (a1) and Xiao-Long Wu (a1)...


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