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Magnetic field effect on plasma parameters and surface modification of laser-irradiated Cu-alloy

  • Asadullah Dawood (a1), Shazia Bashir (a1), Naveed Ahmed Chishti (a1), Muhammad Asad Khan (a1) and Asma Hayat (a1)...


The effect of magnetic field on the plasma parameters and surface modification of Cu-alloy has been investigated. For this purpose, we have employed Nd: YAG laser at various irradiances ranging from 1.9 to 5 GW/cm2 to irradiate Cu-alloy under 5 torr pressure of argon, neon, and helium. The evaluated values of excitation temperature (Texc) and electron number density (ne) of Cu-alloy plasma explored by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy technique are higher in the presence of 1.1 Tesla magnetic field as compared with field-free case. It is true at all irradiances as well as under all environmental conditions. It is also found that trends of both Texc and ne are increasing with increasing laser irradiance from 1.9 to 4.4 GW/cm2. For the highest used irradiance 5 GW/cm2, the decrease in both parameters is observed. The analytically calculated values of thermal beta, directional beta, confinement radius, and diffusion time for laser-irradiated Cu-alloy plasma confirm the validity of magnetic confinement. Scanning electron microscope analysis is utilized to study the surface modifications of laser-irradiated Cu samples and reveals the formation of islands, craters, cones, and droplets. The finer-scale surface structures are grown in case of magnetic. It is also revealed Texc and ne play a substantial part in the growth of surface structures on Cu-alloy.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: Shazia Bashir, Centre for Advanced Studies in Physics, Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan. E-mail:


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