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Laser interactions with low-density plastic foams

  • J. LIMPOUCH (a1) (a2), N.N. DEMCHENKO (a3), S.YU. GUS'KOV (a3), A.I. GROMOV (a3), M. KALAL (a1), A. KASPERCZUK (a4), V.N. KONDRASHOV (a5), E. KROUSKY (a2), K. MASEK (a2), M. PFEIFER (a2), P. PISARCZYK (a6), T. PISARCZYK (a4), K. ROHLENA (a2), V.B. ROZANOV (a3), M. SINOR (a1) and J. ULLSCHMIED (a7)...


Interactions of sub-nanosecond pulses of kJ-class iodine laser “PALS” with low-density foams and acceleration of Al foils by the pressure of the heated foam matter are investigated here, both experimentally and theoretically. X-ray streak camera is used for evaluation of the speed of energy transfer through the porous foam material. The shock-wave arrival on the rear side of the target is monitored by optical streak camera. Accelerated foil velocities, measured by three-frame optical interferometers, and shadowgraphs, reach up to 107 cm/s. The accelerated foil shape is smooth without any signature of small-scale structures present in the incident laser beam. Conversion efficiencies as high as 14% of the laser energy into the kinetic energy of Al foil are derived. Experimental results compare well with our two-dimensional hydrodynamics simulations and with an approximate analytical model.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: J. Limpouch, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering CTU, Břehová 7, 115 19 Prague, Czech Republic. E-mail:


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This paper was presented at the 28th ECLIM conference in Rome, Italy.



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