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Laser accelerated ions and electron transport in ultra-intense laser matter interaction

  • M. ROTH (a1), E. BRAMBRINK (a1), P. AUDEBERT (a2), A. BLAZEVIC (a1), R. CLARKE (a3), J. COBBLE (a4), T.E. COWAN (a5), J. FERNANDEZ (a4), J. FUCHS (a2) (a5), M. GEISSEL (a1) (a6), D. HABS (a7), M. HEGELICH (a4), S. KARSCH (a3), K. LEDINGHAM (a8), D. NEELY (a3), H. RUHL (a5), T. SCHLEGEL (a9) and J. SCHREIBER (a7)...


Since their discovery, laser accelerated ion beams have been the subject of great interest. The ion beam peak power and beam emittance is unmatched by any conventionally accelerated ion beam. Due to the unique quality, a wealth of applications has been proposed, and the first experiments confirmed their prospects. Laser ion acceleration is strongly linked to the generation and transport of hot electrons by the interaction of ultra-intense laser light with matter. Comparing ion acceleration experiments at laser systems with different beam parameters and using targets of varying thickness, material and temperature, some insight on the underlying physics can be obtained. The paper will present experimental results obtained at different laser systems, first beam quality measurement on laser accelerated heavy ions, and ion beam source size measurements at different laser parameters. Using structured targets, we compare information obtained from micro patterned ion beams about the accelerating electron sheath, and the influence of magnetic fields on the electron transport inside conducting targets.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: M. Roth, Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung (GSI), University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany. E-mail:


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