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Ion production by lasers using high–power densities in a near infrared region

  • K. Rohlena (a1), B. Králiková (a1), J. Krása (a1), L. Láska (a1), K. Mašek (a1), M. Pfeifer (a1), J. Skála (a1), J. Farny, P. Parys (a2), J. Wołowski (a2), E. Woryna (a2), W. Mróz (a3), I. Roudskoy (a4), O. Shamaev (a4), B. Sharkov (a4), A. Shumshurov (a4), B.A. Bryunetkin (a5), H. Haseroth (a6), J. Collier (a6), A. Kuttenbeger (a6), K. Langbein (a6) and H. Kugler (a6)...


Results are presented of experiments on ion production from Ta targets using a short pulse (350–600 ps in focus) illumination with focal power densities exceeding 1014 Wcm-2 at the wavelength of an iodine photodissociation laser (1.315 μm) and its harmonics. Strong evidence of the existence of tantalum ions with the charge state +45 near the target surface was obtained by X-ray spectroscopy methods. The particle diagnostics point to the existence of frozen high charge states (<53+) of Ta ions in the far expansion zone at about 2 m from the target. The measured charge state-ion energy distribution indicates the highest energy (>4 MeV) for the highest observed charge states. A tentative theoretical explanation of the observed anomalous charge state freezing phenomenon in the expanding plasma produced by a subnanosecond laser pulse is given.



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