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Ion charge state and energy enhancement by axial magnetic field applied during laser produced plasma expansion

  • S.A. Abbasi (a1) (a2), A.H. Dogar (a3), B. Ilyas (a4), S. Ullah (a1), M. Rafique (a2) and A. Qayyum (a1)...


The effects of axial magnetic field on the properties of the ions ejected from Nd:YAG laser (wavelength = 1064 nm, pulse duration = 6 ns) produced expanding Cu plasma were investigated. A plane Cu target, without and with 0.23 T axial magnetic field at its surface, was irradiated in the fluence range of 2–24 J/cm2. The ions emitted along the target surface normal were analyzed with the help of ion collector and time-of-flight electrostatic ion energy analyzer. The integrated ion yield, highest ion charge state, average ion energy, and energy of individual ion charge states were found to increase by application of the magnetic field. The initial parameters of the non-equilibrium plasma such as average ion charge, equivalent potential, electron temperature, electron density, Debye length, and transient electric field were estimated from the experimental results obtained without and with application of the magnetic field. The increase of ion yield and ion charge state by application of magnetic field are most probably due to the trapping of electrons in front of the target surface, which boosts up the electron impact ionization process. The ion energy increment due to the magnetic field is discussed in the frame work of electrostatic model for ion acceleration in laser plasma.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: A. Qayyum, Physics Division, Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Nilore, Islamabad, Pakistan. E-mail:


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Ion charge state and energy enhancement by axial magnetic field applied during laser produced plasma expansion

  • S.A. Abbasi (a1) (a2), A.H. Dogar (a3), B. Ilyas (a4), S. Ullah (a1), M. Rafique (a2) and A. Qayyum (a1)...


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