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Investigations of plasma jet interaction with ambient gases by multi-frame interferometric and X-ray pinhole camera systems

  • A. Kasperczuk (a1), T. Pisarczyk (a1), Ph. Nicolai (a2), Ch. Stenz (a2), V. Tikhonchuk (a2), M. Kalal (a3), J. Ullschmied (a4), E. Krousky (a5), K. Masek (a5), M. Pfeifer (a5), K. Rohlena (a5), J. Skala (a5), D. Klir (a6), J. Kravarik (a6), P. Kubes (a6) and P. Pisarczyk (a7)...


Interactions of laser driven plasma jets with He and Ar gas puffs was investigated experimentally by means of three-frame interferometric/shadowgraphic system and three-frame X-ray pinhole camera. A defocused iodine laser beam using the Prague Asterix Laser System (PALS) interacting with massive planar Cu targets generated high-speed well-collimated plasma jets. The PALS third harmonic (0.438 µm), with pulse duration of 250 ps (full width at half maximum), and energy of 100 J was employed in two irradiation geometries: with an incidence normal to the target surface and with an oblique one (30° with respect to the target normal), in order to minimize the heating of the ambient gas by the laser beam. The results of these interaction experiments, in particular, those obtained in case of the oblique incidence geometry, are presented and discussed. They show the effect of the double shock formation in ambient gases: starting by the ablative plasma action, followed by that of the jet.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Milan Kalal, Czech Technical University in Prague, FNSPE, Brehova 7, 115 19 Prague 1, Czech Republic. E-mail:


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