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Investigation of energy transfer in plane laser-irradiated targets with high X-ray conversion efficiency

  • B.N. Bazylev (a1), G.S. Romanov (a1), A.S. Smetannikov (a1), V.I. Tolkach (a1), I.N. Burdonskii (a2), V.V. Gavrilov (a2), A.Yu. Gol'tsov (a2), E.V. Zhuzhukalo (a2), N.G. Koval'Skii (a2), V.N. Kondrashov (a2), M.I. Pergament (a2), M.O. Koshevoj (a3), A.A. Rupasov (a3) and A.S. Shikanov (a3)...


Results of experimental and computational investigations devoted to energy transfer mechanisms and X-ray conversion efficiency in laser-produced plasma are presented and discussed. The layers of different thicknesses and diameters deposited on the plane mylar substrate were irradiated by the focused beam of Nd:glass laser. Spectrally, temporally, and spatially resolved measurements of soft X-ray emission have been carried out at power densities of 1013-1014 W/cm2. The conditions of “re-emission” zone formation have been established. Radiative heat conductivity is shown to be the important energy transfer mechanism in the experimental conditions under investigation.



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