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Hydrodynamic efficiency of illumination by ion beams

  • M. M. Basko (a1)


The hydrodynamic efficiency of conversion of the energy of fast charged particles into the kinetic energy of the bulk motion of plane-parallel shells is investigated in the framework of two simple models–one based on the stepwise density profile and the other employing a self-similar solution. The analytical estimates obtained are substantiated with ID hydrodynamic calculations. In case of spherical shells, the three key dimensionless parameters determining the values of the hydrodynamic efficiency are pointed out; the dependence of the hydrodynamic efficiency on these parameters has been explored numerically. The effects of a nonuniform energy deposition (increasing by the end of the fast particle ranges) and of a nonuniform absorber composition are also discussed.



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Hydrodynamic efficiency of illumination by ion beams

  • M. M. Basko (a1)


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