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Heavy ion driver for fast ignition

  • D.G. KOSHKAREV (a1)


Recently the “fast ignition” method in the ICF problem was considered (Caruso & Pais, 1996). It allows increasing a target gain factor and raising reliability of the burning process. Since the required power of the irradiating beam in this method is unattainable for the traditional type of heavy ion driver with the energy of ions ≤10 GeV, the powerful laser is considered as a possible driver only. Here we investigate the fast ignition method for a system constituted from the directly irradiated cylindrical target and a powerful heavy ion driver of the charge-symmetric type (Koshkarev, 1993) in which the ions with energy ≈100 GeV and mass ≈200 are used. The actual design of a powerful heavy ion driver with the required characteristics is outside the purpose of this article. However some consideration will be given to exploring whether such a performance is within the realm of reasonable extrapolations of the present state of the art.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: D.G. Koshkarev, Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, B. Cheremushkinskaya ul. 25, 117259, Moscow, Russia. E-mail:



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