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Efficient acceleration of a dense plasma projectile to hyper velocities in the laser-induced cavity pressure acceleration scheme

  • J. Badziak (a1), E. Krousky (a2) (a3), J. Marczak (a4), P. Parys (a1), T. Pisarczyk (a1), M. Rosiński (a1), A. Sarzynski (a4), T. Chodukowski (a1), J. Dostal (a2) (a3), R. Dudzak (a2), Z. Kalinowska (a1), M. Kucharik (a5), R. Liska (a5), M. Pfeifer (a2) (a3), J. Ullschmied (a2) (a3) and A. Zaraś-Szydłowska (a1)...


The experimental study of the plasma projectile acceleration in the laser-induced cavity pressure acceleration (LICPA) scheme is reported. In the experiment performed at the kilojoule PALS laser facility, the parameters of the projectile were measured using interferometry, a streak camera and ion diagnostics, and the measurements were supported by two-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations. It is shown that in the LICPA accelerator with a 200-J laser driver, a 4-μg gold plasma projectile is accelerated to the velocity of 140 km/s with the energetic acceleration efficiency of 15–19% which is significantly higher than those achieved with the commonly used ablative acceleration and the highest among the ones measured so far for any projectiles accelerated to the velocities ≥100 km/s. This achievement opens the possibility of creation and investigation of high-energy-density matter states with the use of moderate-energy lasers and may also have an impact on the development of the impact ignition approach to inertial confinement fusion.


Corresponding author

Author for correspondence: J. Badziak, Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion, 01-497, Warsaw, Poland, E-mail:


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