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Effect of transition section between the main switch and middle cylinder of Blumlein pulse forming line on the diode voltage of intense electron-beam accelerators

  • X.-B. Cheng (a1), J.-L. Liu (a1), B.-L. Qian (a1) and J.-D. Zhang (a1)


The rise-time of the pulse on the diode of the intense electron-beam accelerators (IEBA) is one of the important factors that affect the quality and characteristic of the output beam current of the IEBA. In this paper, effect of the transition section between the main switch and middle cylinder of strip spiral Blumlein line (SSBL) on the diode voltage of IEBA is analyzed in theory, based on the theoretical analysis of the wave propagation along the Blumlein pulse forming line (BPFL), the traveling time of the transition section has a great effect on the rise-time, the plateau-time, and the fall-time of the output voltage at the matching load. Furthermore, the operation of the whole accelerator consisting of the primary energy-storage capacitor, the Tesla transformer, a main switch, the transition section, BPFL, and a resistive load was simulated using a circuit-simulation code called PSpice, and the dependence of the output voltage on the inductance of the main switch and the transition section was obtained. It was found from the wave propagation theory and the circuit simulation using computer results that the wave traveling time of the transition section between the main switch and the middle cylinder of the SSBL influences considerably the rise-time, plateau-time, and fall-time of the voltage waveform at the matching load. In order to get an ideal square pulse voltage waveform at the matching load and to improve the electron beam quality of such an accelerator, the wave traveling time of the transition section should be designed as soon as possible. At last, a couple of contrastive experiments are performed on two kinds of IEBA. The experimental results agree with the theoretical analysis and simulated results.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Jin-Liang Liu, College of Photoelectrical Engineering and Science, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, 410073, China. E-mail:


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