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The development of a joule level of XeF(C-A) laser by optical pumping

  • LI YU (a1), JING-RU LIU (a1), LIAN-YING MA (a1), AI-PING YI (a1), CHAO HUANG (a1), XIAO-XIA AN (a1), YONG-SHENG ZHANG (a1), JIAN-CANG SU (a1) and ZHENG-ZHONG ZENG (a1)...


A joule level of XeF(C-A) laser optically pumped by a sectioned surface discharge was developed. The irradiative intensity of pumping source was diagnosed by calculating XeF2 photo-dissociation wave evolvement which was photographed by a framing camera. The photon flux in the wavelength region of 140 to 170nm is about 5 × 1023 photon s−1cm−2, that corresponds to the irradiative brightness temperature of more than 25000 K. The laser experiments were carried out in different conditions. The maximum laser output energy of 2.5 J was obtained with the total conversion efficiency of 0.1%.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Li Yu, Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology, P. O. Box 69-26, Xi'an 710024, People's Republic of China. E-mail:


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The development of a joule level of XeF(C-A) laser by optical pumping

  • LI YU (a1), JING-RU LIU (a1), LIAN-YING MA (a1), AI-PING YI (a1), CHAO HUANG (a1), XIAO-XIA AN (a1), YONG-SHENG ZHANG (a1), JIAN-CANG SU (a1) and ZHENG-ZHONG ZENG (a1)...


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