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The Current Trends in SBS and phase conjugation

  • T. Omatsu (a1), H.J. Kong (a2), S. Park (a2), S. Cha (a2), H. Yoshida (a3), K. Tsubakimoto (a3), H. Fujita (a3), N. Miyanaga (a3), M. Nakatsuka (a3), Y. Wang (a4), Z. Lu (a4), Z. Zheng (a4), Y. Zhang (a4), M. Kalal (a5), O. Slezak (a5), M. Ashihara (a1), T. Yoshino (a1), K. Hayashi (a1), Y. Tokizane (a1), M. Okida (a1), K. Miyamoto (a1), K. Toyoda (a1), A.A. Grabar (a6), Md. M. Kabir (a7), Y. Oishi (a7), H. Suzuki (a7), F. Kannari (a7), C. Schaefer (a8), K.R. Pandiri (a9), M. Katsuragawa (a9), Y.L. Wang (a4), Z.W. Lu (a4), S.Y. Wang (a4), Z.X. Zheng (a4), W.M. He (a4), D.Y. Lin (a4), W.L.J. Hasi (a4), X.Y. Guo (a4), H.H. Lu (a4), M.L. Fu (a4), S. Gong (a4), X.Z. Geng (a4), R.P. Sharma (a10), P. Sharma (a10), S. Rajput (a10), A.K. Bhardwaj (a11), C.Y. Zhu (a4) and W. Gao (a12)...


The current trends in stimulated Brillouin scattering and optical phase conjugation are overviewed. This report is formed by the selected papers presented in the “Fifth International Workshop on stimulated Brillouin scattering and phase conjugation 2010” in Japan. The nonlinear properties of phase conjugation based on stimulated Brillouin scattering and photo-refraction can compensate phase distortions in the high power laser systems, and they will also open up potentially novel laser technologies, e.g., phase stabilization, beam combination, pulse compression, ultrafast pulse shaping, and arbitrary waveform generation.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Hong Jim Kong, Department of Physics, KAIST, 373-1 Gusong-dong, Yusong-gu Daejon, Korea305-701. E-mail:


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