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Current driven weak double layers

  • Gérard Chanteur (a1)


Double layers in plasmas can be created by different means. For example, a potential difference forms between two plasmas with different temperatures (Hultqvist 1971; Ishiguro et al. 1985), in a plasma jet flowing along a converging magnetic field (Serizawa & Sato 1984), in a quiescent plasma submitted to an external difference of potential or in a turbulent plasma carrying an electric current. The first three cases can be current-free, but not necessarily, although the numerical simulations have been made under such conditions for the first two points (Ishiguro et al. 1985; Serizawa & Sato 1984). Apart from the third case, which is mainly of interest for laboratory experiments, these double layers are good candidates for accelerating the auroral electrons to the few keV observed.



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Current driven weak double layers

  • Gérard Chanteur (a1)


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