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Current division between two paralleled X-pinches

  • Shen Zhao (a1), Xinlei Zhu (a1), Ran Zhang (a1), Haiyun Luo (a1), Xiaobing Zou (a1) and Xinxin Wang (a1)...


In order to use two paralleled X-pinches as X-ray sources for the time-resolved backlighting of wire-array Z-pinch plasma, it is necessary to make these two X-pinches emit X-rays at different but roughly preset time instants. The timing of the X-ray burst from an X-pinch independence of the current, and the wire mass of the X-pinch was investigated. The currents flowing through two paralleled X-pinches were measured and it was found that the total current is almost equally divided between these two X-pinches no matter how different the wires for these two X-pinches are. The reason for the equal current division between two paralleled X-pinches was given based on the inductance calculation of the X-pinch circuit.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Xinxin Wang, Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. E-mail:


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Current division between two paralleled X-pinches

  • Shen Zhao (a1), Xinlei Zhu (a1), Ran Zhang (a1), Haiyun Luo (a1), Xiaobing Zou (a1) and Xinxin Wang (a1)...


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