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Characterization of self-generated intense electron beams in a plasma focus

  • P. Choi (a1), C. Deeney (a1), H. Herold (a2) and C. S. Wong


The parameters of self-generated electron beams have been measured and correlated to the dynamics of a 60 kV, 28 kJ plasma focus. The electron beam emission occurs in two periods: the first corresponds to the initial formation and disruption of the pinched plasma and terminates with the disruption of the plasma column, and the second period occurs after the breaking up of the focus plasma. The first period is characterized by high-energy electron beams, whereas in the second period the electron beams have lower average energies but higher currents. A relativistic electron beam is found to occur around the time of first compression, when the plasma is observed to be macroscopically stable, in contrast to measurements obtained from machines with similar energies but operating at lower voltages. The plasma X-ray emission is observed to be closely related to the electron beam characteristics. Possible mechanisms for the formation of the electron beams observed are discussed.



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Characterization of self-generated intense electron beams in a plasma focus

  • P. Choi (a1), C. Deeney (a1), H. Herold (a2) and C. S. Wong


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