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Application of picosecond terawatt laser pulses for fast ignition of fusion

  • H. Hora (a1), G.H. Miley (a2), M. Ghoranneviss (a3) and A. Salar Elahi (a3)


In this research, we presented the application of picosecond terawatt laser pulses for ultrahigh acceleration of plasma blocks for fast ignition of fusion. Ultrahigh acceleration of plasma blocks after irradiation of picosecond laser pulses of around terawatt power in the range of 1020 cm/s2 was discovered by Sauerbrey (1996) as measured by Doppler effect where the laser intensity was up to about 1018 W/cm2. This is several orders of magnitude higher than acceleration by irradiation based on thermal interaction of lasers has produced. This ultrahigh acceleration resulted from hydrodynamic computations at plane target interaction in 1978 at comparable conditions where the interaction was dominated by the nonlinear (generalized ponderomotive) forces where the laser energy was instantly converted into plasma motion in contrast to slow and delayed thermal collision processes. After clarifying this basic result, the application of the plasma blocks for side-on ignition of solid density or modestly compressed fusion fuel following the theory of Chu (1971) is updated in view of later discovered plasma properties and the ignition of deuterium tritium and of proton-11B appeared possible for a dozen of PW-PS laser pulses if an extremely high contrast ratio avoided relativistic self-focusing. A re-evaluation of more recent experiment confirms the acceleration by the nonlinear force, and the generation of the fusion flame with properties of Rankine-Hugoniot shocks is reported.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: A. Salar Elahi, Plasma Physics Research Center, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran. E-mail:


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Application of picosecond terawatt laser pulses for fast ignition of fusion

  • H. Hora (a1), G.H. Miley (a2), M. Ghoranneviss (a3) and A. Salar Elahi (a3)


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