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Absolute equation of state measurement of aluminum using laser quasi-isentropic-driven flyer plate

  • H. Shu (a1), X. Huang (a1), J. Ye (a1), G. Jia (a1), J. Wu (a1) and S. Fu (a1)...


In this paper, we perform an absolute equation of state (EOS) measurement on the principal Hugoniot of aluminum using a near-symmetric impact method. The flyer plates are accelerated to high velocities using the laser-ramp-driven method. An aluminum flyer plate of ~25 µm is accelerated to the velocity range from 4 to 12 km/s. Then the aluminum flyer plate propagates across a vacuum gap and impacts with an aluminum step target. A line-imaging optical recording velocity interferometer for any reflector (ORVIS) is used to measure the aluminum flyer plate and the shock velocity simultaneously. Aluminum EOS data were measured with pressures range from 50 to 200 GPa. This absolute EOS measurement method may be used for studying a variety of materials.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: Hua Shu, Shanghai Institute of Laser Plasma, Shanghai 201800, China. E-mail:


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Absolute equation of state measurement of aluminum using laser quasi-isentropic-driven flyer plate

  • H. Shu (a1), X. Huang (a1), J. Ye (a1), G. Jia (a1), J. Wu (a1) and S. Fu (a1)...


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