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40 GW Linear Transformer Driver stage for pulse generators of Mega-ampere range

  • B.M. Kovalchuk (a1), A.V. Kharlov (a1), A.A. Zherlitsyn (a1), E.V. Kumpjak (a1), N.V. Tsoy (a1), V.A. Vizir (a1) and G.V. Smorudov (a1)...


Linear transformer driver (LTD) technology is actively developed at the Institute of High Current Electronics in Tomsk, Russia. This technology is being examined for use in high current high voltage pulsed accelerators. Recent development of high voltage low inductance capacitors and low inductance switches enabled to achieve ~100 ns rise time of the LTD output pulse. This technique allows one to eliminate intermediate pulse forming sections, used in the present accelerator technology, which would keep the footprint of an LTD accelerator small. LTD based drivers are currently considered for many applications, including future very high current Z-pinch drivers for inertial confinement fusion, medium current drivers with adjustable pulse length for isentropic compression experiments, and finally relatively low current accelerators for radiography and X-pinches. In this article, we present the design and test results for a new LTD stage, that operates at 100 kV charging voltage. Current amplitude up to 850 kA with ~140 ns rise time was obtained on a 0.05 Ω load. Stack of the LTD stages can be easily assembled in series or in parallel, thus providing voltage or current multiplication, respectively. Design of multi-mega-volt and multi-mega-ampere generators becomes straightforward with the LTD technology.


Corresponding author

Address correspondence and reprint requests to: A.V. Kharlov, 2/3 Academichesky Ave., 634055, Tomsk, Russia. E-mail


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40 GW Linear Transformer Driver stage for pulse generators of Mega-ampere range

  • B.M. Kovalchuk (a1), A.V. Kharlov (a1), A.A. Zherlitsyn (a1), E.V. Kumpjak (a1), N.V. Tsoy (a1), V.A. Vizir (a1) and G.V. Smorudov (a1)...


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