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Zonal Orientation and Spectral Filtering in Talitrus Saltator (Amphipoda, Talitridae)

  • A. Ugolini (a1), B. Vignali (a1), C. Castellini (a2) and M. Lindström (a3)


Adult individuals of Talitrus saltator were tested for celestial orientation in a plexiglass bowl covered with colour filters of different wavelengths. Results show that T. saltator can recognize the sun and use it for orientation only at γ <450 nm. At γ >500 nm, the sight of the sun (and sky) only induces phototactic behaviour. It has also been confirmed that an important celestial orienting factor is perceived in the UV range. Variations in populations from diversely oriented coastlines are discussed. Preliminary results of electroretino-graphic responses indicate the presence of at least two visual pigments in the eye and a steep decrease in sensitivity for γ >500 nm.



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Zonal Orientation and Spectral Filtering in Talitrus Saltator (Amphipoda, Talitridae)

  • A. Ugolini (a1), B. Vignali (a1), C. Castellini (a2) and M. Lindström (a3)


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