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The tenacity of Elminius modestus and Balanus perforatus cyprids to bacterial films grown under different shear regimes

  • A. L. Neal (a1) and A. B. Yule (a1)


The tenacity of cypris larvae of the barnacles (Crustacea: Cirripedia) Balanus perforatus (Bruguiere) and Elminius modestus Darwin was measured on multispecies biofilms developed under contrasting shear regimes. For both species, relatively thin, dense biofilms associated with high shear (83 s-1) afforded increased tenacity over relatively thick, less dense films associated with low shear (15 s-1). Although both species showed reduced tenacity on low-shear films compared to high-shear films, E. modestus cyprids attached as strongly to low-shear films as they did to unfilmed surfaces. Balanus perforatus cyprids, however, attached less strongly to low-shear films than to unfilmed surfaces. The results show that B. perforatus and E. modestus may appreciate differences in bacterial communi-ties grown under different shear conditions and highlight the potential for biofilms as one of the many cues to barnacle settlement.



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The tenacity of Elminius modestus and Balanus perforatus cyprids to bacterial films grown under different shear regimes

  • A. L. Neal (a1) and A. B. Yule (a1)


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