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Studies on Marine Flagellates VII. Nephroselmis Gilva Sp.Nov. and Some Allied Forms

  • M. Parke (a1) and D. G. Rayns (a2)


A new species provisionally attributed to the genus Nephroselmis has been described with the aid of light- and electron-microscopy. Significant features include the presence of a single layer of scales over the flagellar and cell surfaces as in Micromonas squamata Manton & Parke, though the morphology of the flagellar scales is as in the outer scale layer of Pyramimonas and Halosphaera. Reasons are given for rejection of Thalassomonas on the grounds of nomen confusum and for homologizing various representatives of it with Micromonas squamata.

Some additional facts about the latter include details of the imbrication of the flagellar scales and demonstration, made possible by the use of lead staining of sections, of a close association between golgi bodies and the scale-producing vesicles.



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