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Spatio-temporal variability of zoobenthic communities in a tectonic lagoon (Lake Vouliagmeni, Attika, Greece)

  • Chariton Chintiroglou (a1), Chryssanthi Antoniadou (a1) and Panagiotis Damianidis (a1)


Lake Vouliagmeni (Attica, Greece) is a lagoon of great scientific interest due to its endemic fauna, widely used for recreational activities. Understanding the dynamics of this peculiar ecosystem is essential for its conservation. An ecological survey of the benthic communities was carried out, in both spatial and temporal scales. Material was collected with SCUBA diving, by taking off samples from the principal habitats of the lagoon, i.e. meadows, soft and hard substrata. The identification of the collected 61,975 living specimens revealed the presence of 12 floral and 20 faunal species. Multivariate analyses separated the sampling sites according to the four different habitats of the lagoon, whereas no temporal patterns came up. Micrograzers were the dominant trophic group, followed by deposit feeders regardless of the habitat studied. Lake Vouliagmeni is among the less diverse Mediterranean lagoons, mostly due to its isolation from the sea that hinders the entrance of marine species.


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Correspondence should be addressed to: Chariton ChintiroglouAristotle University, School of Biology Department of Zoology, Thessaloniki, Greece, Gr 54 124 email:


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Spatio-temporal variability of zoobenthic communities in a tectonic lagoon (Lake Vouliagmeni, Attika, Greece)

  • Chariton Chintiroglou (a1), Chryssanthi Antoniadou (a1) and Panagiotis Damianidis (a1)


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