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The relationship of larval shell morphology to mode of development in marine prosobranch gastropods

  • Gail M. Lima (a1) and Richard A. Lutz (a2)


The larval shell of molluscs contains a preserved record of the organism's growth and developmental history. Many investigators have utilized the information recorded in the larval shell morphology to infer mode of development.

Marine prosobranch gastropods were collected from intertidal sites from Maine to Florida and were cultured in the laboratory. Scanning electron microscopy was used to document the relationship of larval shell morphology to development. Four species with planktotrophic larvae, Crepidula fornicata, Crepidula plana, Cerithium atratum and Ilyanassa obsoleta, and four species with non-planktotrophic development, Crepidula convexa, Littorina obtusata, Busycon canaliculatum and Urosalpinx cinerea, were successfully reared through metamorphosis.



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The relationship of larval shell morphology to mode of development in marine prosobranch gastropods

  • Gail M. Lima (a1) and Richard A. Lutz (a2)


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