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The hydroids and medusae Sarsia piriforma sp.nov. and Sarsia striata sp.nov. from the west coast of scotland, with observations on other species

  • C. Edwards (a1)


Two new species of hydroid, Sarsia pinforma and Sarsia striata, Family Corynidae, have been found near Oban, west coast of Scotland. Their life-histories have been worked out and their medusae have been reared to maturity in the laboratory. Medusae of striata have also been found in the sea and hydroids have been reared from them. The hydroids and the stages of development of the medusae are fully described and figured, with observations on habits and comparisons with other species of Sarsia. Observations on the development of the gonophores of Sarsia occulta and comments on Sarsia densa are added.



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The hydroids and medusae Sarsia piriforma sp.nov. and Sarsia striata sp.nov. from the west coast of scotland, with observations on other species

  • C. Edwards (a1)


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