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Development and growth in laboratory-maintained and field populations of Parathemisto gaudichaudi (Hyperiidea: Amphipoda)

  • Martin Sheader (a1)


Parathemisto gaudichaudi was collected off the south coast of Northumberland during 1970–2, and the moulting and growth of laboratory-maintained individuals observed. The moulting behaviour is similar to that described for other amphipods, but individuals remain attached to medusae during moulting. The minimum body size at maturity, the time from hatching to maturity and the length of the intermoult period are shown to be temperature dependent. The analysis of growth-factor data resolves growth into a rapid juvenile phase and a slower adult phase. The development of secondary sex characters is related to developmental stages of the gonads.



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Development and growth in laboratory-maintained and field populations of Parathemisto gaudichaudi (Hyperiidea: Amphipoda)

  • Martin Sheader (a1)


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