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Daily growth rates and hatch date distributions of common two-banded seabream, Diplodus vulgaris inhabiting the Çanakkale shallow waters of Turkey

  • Hakan Ayyildiz (a1), Ozcan Ozen (a2) and Aytac Altin (a1)


Otolith microstructure analysis was used to determine daily age, growth rate and hatching periods of young of the year (YOY) common two-banded seabream, Diplodus vulgaris, collected at two sites by using beach seine from Çanakkale shallow waters between January and December 2007. Total length of the YOY D. vulgaris was between 12 and 86 mm and the daily ages ranged between 42 and 313 days. Somatic growth rate estimated by fitting a linear regression to the age–length data set was calculated as 0.273 mm day−1. According to the length–age regression analysis, maximum daily growth rates were found 0.277 mm day−1 in the lowest sea temperature period and minimum values of 0.274 mm day−1 were observed in the declining sea temperature period. Analysis of covariance indicated that there were no significant differences in the linear growth equations for the two cohorts (F = 0.4008, P = 0.527). Hatching period of the YOY was estimated to occur between October and March with relatively higher frequency in January. This study has shown that YOY D. vulgaris is a winter spawner in the Çanakkale shallow waters.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: H. Ayyildiz, Department of Fisheries Technology, Gokceada School of Applied Sciences, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Gokceada, Çanakkale 17760, Turkey email:


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