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Brooding and sperm storage by the deep-sea squid Bathyteuthis berryi (Cephalopoda: Decapodiformes)

  • Stephanie L. Bush (a1) (a2), Hendrik J. T. Hoving (a2), Christine L. Huffard (a3), Bruce H. Robison (a2) and Louis D. Zeidberg (a4)...


Squids of the family Bathyteuthidae have generally been infrequently encountered in their deep-sea habitat. Remotely operated vehicles were used to observe seven individuals in situ in the Monterey Submarine Canyon, CA, USA. One of these was a female Bathyteuthis berryi holding a sheet with approximately 360 embedded embryos. Examination of this female after collection revealed the presence of a seminal receptacle on the buccal membrane. We present some potential costs and benefits of post-spawning egg care, a strategy that is now known for two families of deep-dwelling squids, but may turn out to be more common with the increasing exploration of the deep sea.


Corresponding author

Correspondence should be addressed to: S.L. Bush, University of Rhode Island, Department of Biological Sciences, 120 Flagg Road, Kingston, RI 02881 email:


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Brooding and sperm storage by the deep-sea squid Bathyteuthis berryi (Cephalopoda: Decapodiformes)

  • Stephanie L. Bush (a1) (a2), Hendrik J. T. Hoving (a2), Christine L. Huffard (a3), Bruce H. Robison (a2) and Louis D. Zeidberg (a4)...


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