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Recovery of memory and executive function following anterior communicating artery aneurysm rupture

  • Mark D'Esposito (a1), Michael P. Alexander (a2), Richard Fischer (a3), Regina Mcglinchey-Berroth (a4) (a5) and Margaret O'connor (a5)...


We studied the recovery of memory and executive function in 10 patients following anterior communicating artery aneurysm (ACoA) rupture and repair. Patients were tested at 2 consecutive points in time following surgery (approximately at 2 and 3 months). At the first testing, the patients divided into 2 groups based on the severity of impairment on executive measures. Both groups had severe anterograde amnesia, but only patients with severe executive impairments had retrograde amnesia with a temporal gradient. At second testing, both groups had persistent severe anterograde amnesia. The dysexecutive group showed significant improvement in executive deficits and in retrograde amnesia, with attenuation of the temporal gradient. Patients with more severe executive impairments had more extensive bilateral frontal lesions than other patients. These results suggest that the cognitive profile following ACoA rupture changes with time. Time postonset following aneurysm rupture and lesion site are both critical for defining the neuropsychological profile, and determining the underlying cognitive mechanisms in this neurological disorder. (JINS, 1996, 2, 565–570.)



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Recovery of memory and executive function following anterior communicating artery aneurysm rupture

  • Mark D'Esposito (a1), Michael P. Alexander (a2), Richard Fischer (a3), Regina Mcglinchey-Berroth (a4) (a5) and Margaret O'connor (a5)...


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