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Unipotent differential algebraic groups as parameterized differential Galois groups


We deal with aspects of direct and inverse problems in parameterized Picard–Vessiot (PPV) theory. It is known that, for certain fields, a linear differential algebraic group (LDAG) $G$ is a PPV Galois group over these fields if and only if $G$ contains a Kolchin-dense finitely generated group. We show that, for a class of LDAGs $G$ , including unipotent groups, $G$ is such a group if and only if it has differential type $0$ . We give a procedure to determine if a parameterized linear differential equation has a PPV Galois group in this class and show how one can calculate the PPV Galois group of a parameterized linear differential equation if its Galois group has differential type $0$ .



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